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Cybex ePriam stroller

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Why should you choose the e-Priam stroller? A stroller without a carrycot? Is it... more
Product information "Cybex ePriam stroller"

Why should you choose the e-Priam stroller?


A stroller without a carrycot? Is it even worth it? A pushchair can be used from a child of approx. 6 months to approx. 3 years. But the lux seat of the e-Priam has the advantage that you can put the seat completely flat as well as in both directions of travel. Therefore, the e-Priam sports stroller is not only suitable for enterprising families with a child from 6 months, but also for parents who want to carry the child in a baby carrier from birth and only want a stroller as an alternative. The e-Priam sports stroller is basically a large, stable and comfortable buggy, as it can be folded up compactly, is manoeuvrable and mobile and supports the pushing of the stroller with the e-motor. The motor pushes you uphill, the motor brakes with you when you go downhill, and when the large lower basket is fully packed, the motor helps you push in off-road terrain or on uneven paths. Of course, the e-Priam can be easily maneuvered without the motor assistance, but thanks to the charger supplied, the e-Priam battery can be recharged in a few hours. Regardless of whether you are out and about in the city, going for a walk or going on an excursion, the e-Priam with the Lux seat is ready for any adventure. And when the child has experienced enough, you can put the backrest and footrest in the lying position and the child can fall asleep comfortably and dream of the next walk with the e-Priam.

What is the e-Priam?

The e-Priam has a battery-powered motor. The stroller does not move on its own, but almost by itself. Because pressure sensors are built into the push handle of the e-Priam. The sensors on the outside register whether you push harder, then it usually goes uphill and the motor supports the pushing and reduces the effort required. The sensors on the inside of the push handle detect whether you have to hold the stroller harder because it is going downhill and then the motor brakes so that the descent is slowed down and reduces the pulling force required. The motor support is also helpful on straight stretches, as it is just as helpful when pushing over cobblestones, grass, sand, gravel and other bumpy stretches and makes the walk more comfortable. Uphill, downhill and off-road terrain is child's play with the e-Priam. The technology is intuitive, intelligent and innovative. Charging the battery is as easy as charging a cell phone battery or a digital camera. The charging cable can either be attached directly to the e-Priam frame, or the battery can be removed beforehand so that it can be taken into the apartment for charging. The charging time can take up to 6 hours. The all-wheel suspension also contributes to a pleasant driving experience and turns the e-Priam into an agile and easy-to-maneuver sports stroller with the motor switched on, even with a child and a full lower basket.  


e-Priam battery

The lithium ion battery has a running time of 8 to 45 km, depending on where and how you are traveling. External factors such as incline, temperature, load (child, lower basket load) or the nature of the path influence consumption. The charging time can take up to 6 hours.


Integrated pressure sensors

Using sensors in the push handle, an intelligent algorithm can calculate how much support is needed to reduce the pressure force when driving uphill or the pulling force when driving downhill. The motor can thereby automatically adapt to the road conditions.


Electric motor

On the inside of the rear wheels or the wheel suspension, the electric motors are inconspicuously integrated into the design. This electric drive is very quiet and does not disturb the child while sleeping if it is doing its job and providing the parents with powerful support when pushing.

What can the e-Priam pushchair do?

You can also drive the e-Priam without the motorized assistance. Just leave the engine off and push completely yourself. The e-Priam differs from the normal Priam in the slightly thicker rear axle construction, which contains the battery and the two motors. These two models do not differ in the essential functions that a sports stroller has. As a sports stroller, the e-Priam is a very comfortable and versatile “buggy” for children from approx. 6 months. The child can sit and lie in the Lux seat attachment and the viewing direction is freely selectable. The Lux seat offers an ergonomic sitting position with adjustable backrest and footrest, and can be converted into a completely flat and back-friendly reclining position in a few simple steps. The large sun canopy can be extended again using the fold-out sun visor and an additional hood part with a mesh window. With UVP 50+ it not only protects against the sun and offers shade, but it is also protection against wind and weather, as the fabric is also water-repellent. For real rain you use the supplied rain cover. If required, the e-Priam sports stroller can also be expanded into a travel system with one of the reclining units (Priam Lux tub or Lite Cot) or the baby car seat. The folding mechanism can be operated with one hand and can be folded with the seat unit into an upright position. It does not matter in which direction the seat is placed, when looking in the direction of travel the Priam requires less space. It is even more compact and flat without the seat unit. The transport lock can then be used to prevent the e-Priam from opening again when it is packed into the car.   

Fabrics for the Lux seat

The seat covers for the Lux seat are available in numerous fabric and design variants: seven new classic Platinum fabrics, three tried-and-tested Plus fabrics and the two versions of the Spring Blossom special collection. All cover sets have one thing in common: they are hard-wearing, removable and machine washable at 30 °. The fabrics for the seats and backrests are breathable and comfortably padded for the child. The hoods offer UV protection (UPF50 +) and have an integrated ventilation window, which when uncovered provides additional air circulation and through which you can see through the hood to the child when they are facing in the direction of travel.


Plus fabric

The Plus fabric has a mottled design that makes the colors look deeper and stronger. The double weave of the Plus fabrics makes them even more durable than the normal Comfort fabrics. Nevertheless, the Plus fabrics are pleasant to the touch and breathable.


Classic fabric

The classic Cybex fabric has a smooth surface and feels pleasantly soft. Its colors are mostly expressive and colorful. The design features of this line of fabrics for the Seat Pack are the decorative seams in the back area and to separate them from the footrest.

Spring Blossom

The Spring Blossom special collection combines bright colors with a playful flower design. Spring blossoms in the design on the two basic colors black and cream-beige. The flowers and the strong colors represent a symbol of strength.

The complete e-Priam explained in detail

In this video, the e-Priam is also explained beyond its use as a pushchair. With the Lux tub, Lite Cot or a baby seat like the Cloud Z, the e-Priam sports stroller becomes a complete 4-in-1 travel system. Certain sections of the film are particularly interesting for use as a pure sports stroller, i.e. only with the adjustable Lux seat unit. The assembly of the e-Priam (00: 03– 00:42) is shown step by step, as is how to cover the Lux seat with the Seat Pack (00: 43–04: 05). The next big block in the video shows how the battery is charged and attached to the e-Priam frame and also how the battery can be charged directly on the stroller (04: 06-05: 35). When the charged battery is attached to the e-Priam, the motor support can be switched on and off again with a simple tap of the foot and the battery can then be removed for recharging (05: 36-06: 16). Then the film makes a detour into the possibilities of using it as a travel system, before the one-handed folding of the e-Priam with the seat unit is shown from 10:30 a.m. The folded Priam with seat unit can either stand upright or be folded even more compactly when lying down with the front wheels folded and secured against unintentional unfolding for transport. When opened again, it is shown how easy it is to move the seat unit and adjust the lying position (11: 39-12: 08). The sun canopy including the sun visor can be pulled out far and has a mesh window in the extension element to let fresh air and the parents' eyes through (12: 09-12: 34). The next big film section then deals with the all-wheel suspension and the locking of the moving front wheels (12: 35-13: 20). Before the special features of the Lux Carry Cot are discussed again at the end of the video, it is shown how the e-Priam can be used as a high chair replacement, how easy it is to operate the brake and how the volume of the lower basket can be increased (13 : 21-14: 08).  

Details in detail


XXL sun canopy

The large sun canopy has a fold-out sun visor, can be extended by one segment and offers UV protection for the sitting or lying child. In the extended part there is a foldable mesh window - to look inside at the child or for better air circulation on hot days.


e-Priam shopping basket

The Cybex e-Priam has a large lower basket which can be opened for easy filling or removal and which, when opened, offers even more space for luggage on the go. Overall, the shopping basket can be loaded with up to 5 kg.


e-Priam front wheels / rear wheels / tires

The wheels of the e-Priam are made of a flat-less material, which supports the all-wheel suspension of the e-Priam with its elastic properties. The front wheels can be locked and, like the rear wheels, have reflective stripes on the outside that match the frame.


Push handle

The gripping surfaces on the push bar and on the safety bar are covered with padded synthetic leather in a matching color. Sensors are integrated in the push handle, which automatically regulate the motor assistance via the pressure of the hands when pushing.


Direction of view of the child

The seat unit of the e-Priam can be placed in both directions. Younger children have a better eye when facing you, especially when they sleep. Older children usually prefer to discover the world and sit facing in the direction of travel.


Seating positions

Regardless of the direction in which the seat is placed, the Lux seat can be gradually adjusted from an ergonomic “chair” to a back-friendly “lounger”. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted individually and with one hand and can be individually adjusted to the needs of the child.


e-Priam folded

The e-Priam can be folded up just as compactly as the Priam without an auxiliary motor. With the seat unit together, then the folded e-Priam stand upright and without the seat unit, but secured with the transport lock, the frame also fits into small cars.

Delivery colors

For the Priam as a sports stroller, four different frame designs can be combined with numerous colors for the Lux seat. You can choose whether, for example, the rose gold frame goes better with the color of your choice than the chrome black frame. Choose the right seat pack for you from the classic colors, the Plus fabrics or the Spring Blossom special collection.

e-Priam frame incl. Lux seat attachment (without cover)

All e-Priam frames have wheels with reflective stripes and, like the belt buckles, are adapted to the design of the frame color and the respective synthetic leather accents. The hand strap is made of black fabric on every frame. The plastic parts are black on all frames.



Rosegold is a shimmering bronze tone that is combined with dark brown elements.



The chrome frame looks elegant and stylish with the brown handles and whitewall wheels.


Matt Black

Any fabric color goes well with the classic “all black” frame, wheels and handles.


Chrome Black

The chrome frame with the whitewall wheels and black accents appears sporty.

Plus fabrics

The Plus fabrics have a mottled look and a tone-on-tone design. All straps are black and the storage area for the feet is made of washable black synthetic leather. The inner fabrics are slightly shiny from the outer fabric.


Manhattan Grey Plus

A classic mottled gray in connection with a gray shimmering inner lining.


Midnight Blue Plus

Night blue also during the day - heathered dark blue outside, shiny dark blue inside.


Stardust Black Plus

The mottled black fabric combined with a gray-black shimmering inner fabric.

Classic colors

The seat covers of the classic Premium line have a color-matched inner fabric, the color tones of which can also be found in the decorative stitching, in the seat and in the fabric delimiting the lower part of the footrest in a black leather look. The belts and belt pads are adapted to both fabric colors.


Deep Black

Dark black with dark gray shiny fabric accents.


Soho Grey

An elegant gray tone on the outside and shiny light gray fabrics on the inside.


Nautical Blue

A sea-blue shimmering inner fabric goes with the dark navy blue.


Mountain Blue

Retro look with petrol-blue fabric combined with classic beige.


Khaki Green

Brown fabric combined with lime green inner fabric to create a khaki design.


Autumn Gold

The classic Cybex orange combined with beige elements.


Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow meets sunny yellow, a real highlight not only on rainy days.

Spring Blossom

The Spring Blossom Seat Pack has the basic color black with a light or dark hood and belt pad design, black straps and black synthetic leather on the lower part of the footrest. 3D flowers on the hood and green leaves as accents complete the Spring Blossom design.


Spring Blossom Dark

Roses from soft pink to purple to a deep red on a black background.


Spring Blossom Light

Beige as the basic color for the top with roses in strong red and purple tones.

Technical data and scope of delivery

  • Duration of use: from birth to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Push bar height: approx. 98 - 108 cm
  • Length (front wheel to rear wheel): approx. 70 cm
  • Canopy height: 115 cm
  • Length x width x height (assembled with seat): approx. 95 x 60 x 115 cm
  • Length x width x height (frame without seat and folded without wheels): 80 x 51 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 15.3 kg
  • Fabrics: removable and machine washable at 30 °
  • Scope of delivery: an e-Priam frame with battery, charger and Lux seat attachment in the selected frame frame color, a cover set (seat pack) in the selected fabric color, a set of baby seat adapters, rain cover for seat unit and lower basket (shopping basket)
  • Shipping weight of a complete e-Priam sports stroller in a box (seat pack enclosed): approx. 20 kg

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