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Bugaboo Fox2 Complete Set Mineral Combi Stroller

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Tree for your child

  • 003.001.163.Verwaschenes-Schwarz
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Why should you choose the Fox 2 combi stroller in the complete set “Mineral”? Are... more
Product information "Bugaboo Fox2 Complete Set Mineral Combi Stroller"

Why should you choose the Fox 2 combi stroller in the complete set “Mineral”?


Are you looking for a stroller that adapts perfectly to your everyday life? The Bugaboo Fox 2 pram in the complete set “Mineral” offers you this possibility. With the Bugaboo “Style by bugaboo” collection, you have the option of choosing from various ready-made style sets.

The Fox 2 combines a classic design with many newly revised and modern functions. The ergonomic and well-padded seat or lounger unit of the Fox enables a comfortable driving experience for your child and supports the healthy development of the back and spine. The continuously developed suspension of the wheels and the central joint make it easier to drive over even coarser bumps. The Fox 2 can be easily pushed on many different surfaces and even when there is little space and is very manoeuvrable.

A large selection of accessories can also be purchased to match your stroller. Warm footmuffs, practical cup holders, changing bags and much more fit nicely into the round overall look of the Bugaboo Fox 2 pram. 

Of course, it is possible to reorder suitable spare parts at any time.

Why is the Fox 2 Complete Set “Mineral” an excellent choice?


Suitable for any terrain

A functional and robust all-rounder that proves its strengths in town and country. That's probably the best way to describe the Bugaboo Fox 2. The stroller can be used from birth to around the age of four. Thanks to its many practical functions and properties, the Fox 2 is a real asset to your everyday life with baby or toddler. The large and flat-less PE wheels, in combination with the all-wheel and central suspension, make every journey a carefree experience and let your child enjoy a peaceful sleep, even "outdoors" and on uneven surfaces. The lockable swivel wheels allow you to easily drive around tight curves, such as in supermarkets or the city. The 2-wheel driving mode is an additional and unique feature of the Fox 2. It is particularly suitable for driving through sand or on muddy ground. Thanks to a simple folding technique, the entire trolley can simply be pulled behind on the push bar. The flip-flop-friendly brake makes locking and releasing very suitable for everyday use and can be operated by simply tapping it with one foot.

Comfortable for children and parents


The spacious tub, with small outer pockets for e.g. Handkerchiefs offer plenty of space for healthy and free development and also give your child the feeling of security and security. The ergonomic seat unit enables walks with a view in or against the direction of travel. Thanks to the large white memory buttons (left and right on the frame), the direction of travel of the seat unit can be changed quickly and with just one hand. The same technology can be used to detach the tub / seat unit from the frame and stow it away separately. The Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window is a novelty of the Fox 2 and is integrated in the XXL sun canopy. It enables optimal air circulation in the interior of the bathtub and seat unit. In addition, you have the opportunity to look after your child without opening the sun canopy completely. Your child remains protected from strong sun, wind and weather and can enjoy a peaceful sleep. In bad weather and rain, it is recommended to stretch the rain cover included in the scope of delivery over the tub / seat unit. In this way you can protect your child and the car as best as possible from the wet and cold. The fabrics of the tub / seat unit of the Fox 2 are all machine washable at 30 ° C. The materials are also water and dirt repellent. They have 50+ UV protection and are particularly hard-wearing.

Lots of functions


With its own weight of only 10.2 kg, the Fox 2 is a particularly light multi-purpose stroller. This is particularly useful when traveling by bus, train or plane, but it also makes everyday life easier. The small and easy-to-use folding size allows the Fox 2 to fit in almost every car trunk. In addition, the small folded car does not take up any extra space in the apartment or the stairwell. The wheels can also be removed at the push of a button and make the pack size even smaller for transport. At home or in narrow spaces, you have the option of storing the stroller upright thanks to its self-standing function. The lower basket can be loaded up to 10 kg and is perfect for trips or small purchases. There is a wide range of accessories. This can be mounted at the pre-installed fastening points on the frame. You can also purchase suitable adapters for your baby car seat at a later date. For a quick appointment, the frame and the tub do not always have to be transported in the car. Since it has the optimal high chair height, the Fox 2 can be used as a high chair replacement in restaurants.

What are the differences to its predecessor?

The Bugaboo Fox 2 is the successor to the popular Fox. There are quite a few small changes and improvements compared to the predecessor. Of course, despite some innovations, the comfort and functions have remained at the usual high Bugaboo quality.

The Fox 2 has received all kinds of new functions and loving details. For example, the Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window has been integrated into the XXL sun canopy and is already an absolute must-have in everyday life. The typical folding mechanism has also been revised and is now even easier to use. Practical for every day, especially when things have to be done quickly. The combination of the newly revised central and all-wheel suspension and the improved PE wheels bring driving comfort to a new level.

A lot has happened in design too. For example, the color of small screws and details have been better matched to the overall look of the frame. The new color samples give you the choice between simple and elegant or brightly colored. The “Mineral” collection impresses with simple colors such as “taupe”, “washed out black” and “light gray”.

In summary, it can be said that the upgrade of the Fox 2 has brought many practical innovations and useful improvements. It now convinces with new practical functions and an unbeatable driving experience, no matter where the road leads you.

The particularities

The following short films explain the most important and everyday functions of a Fox 2. In the films this is explained using a Fox 2 from the Core collection. But the different collections are only different in design (mineral, classic, core). The handling and the adjustment options are always the same.

Height-adjustable push handle

The Fox 2 is a good companion for parents big and small. Its height-adjustable push handle adapts to any body size and has attachment points on the sides for Bugaboo accessories and an enlarged push bar protection to protect the handle cover when it is folded.

The two-wheel driving mode

If you like to be on the beach or in muddy and sandy terrain, then the two-wheel drive mode is a real asset to your everyday life. The two rear wheels can be folded forward quickly and effortlessly and you can easily pull the entire stroller on two wheels behind you. In this way, even terrain that is difficult to drive on can be easily overcome.

Foldable in one part and self-standing

With the seat unit you have the option of folding the stroller together with the seat. This saves space in the car or apartment and time when folding and rebuilding. Folded in one part, the Fox 2 can be stored standing alone and does not have to be leaned against or put down.

Two-part folding and folding of the seat and cot

If you have very little space in your car or your apartment, you can fold the stroller extra small. The removal of the wheels also plays a role here. But not only the frame but also the tub and seat unit can also be made smaller.

The new rotating carry handle and the five-point belt system

The five-point belt system not only offers your child safety but is also easy to use. And the new rotating function of the handle makes it easier to lift in and out of the tub / seat unit and is easy to operate by pressing small buttons on the handle.

The new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window

The XXL sun canopy offers your child protection from wind, strong sunlight or the weather without the additional use of a triangular cloth. To avoid heat build-up under the closed hood, you have the option of opening the new ventilation window integrated in the hood. In this way, you always ensure optimal air circulation in the interior of the bathtub and seat unit.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer Bugaboo Fox 2 Mineral

All fabric parts of the Mineral Design always have the same fabric color. The lower basket, hood, seat and carrycot cover, belts and belt pads are color-coordinated. The Mineral line has both frame colors, aluminum and black, which can be combined with other colors, but regardless of the frame color, all wheels always have glossy black hubcaps. You can order these “special editions” as a complete “styled by bugaboo” package.

  Schwarz / Taupe Schwarz / Verwaschenes Schwarz Alu / Hellgrau
Fox2 Frame  Black Black Silver
All fabric parts  Taupe Washed black  Light gray 
Lining in linen look Blue-gray   Grey Cream 
Hubcaps Black Black Black
Handle Black Black Dark brown

Information on the scope of delivery and the technical data

The video shows the most important functions that the Mineral Fox 2 has, using the example of a Fox 2 in black / black / fog blue (Core collection, styled by you).
  • Length x width x height push bar (assembled): 104 x 60 x 88-108 cm
  • Height x depth x width (in one part folded upright): 90 x 47 x 60 cm
  • up to max. 22 kg loadable
  • approx. 10.2 kg total weight with seat unit
  • 12 inch rear wheel and 8.5 inch front wheel 
  • 74 cm frame height in lying position
  • 48 cm carrycot bottom height
  • 59 cm seat height
  • 30 l / 10 kg underframe shelf 
  • The scope of delivery includes the complete Fox 2 in the selected mineral design: frame and wheels including hubcaps, all assembly parts, carrying handle, underframe shelf, mattress, rain cover, seat / tub frame, all covers for tub / seat / hood / mattress

How do you build the Fox 2?

If you have decided to buy the Fox 2 in the Mineral collection, you are almost there. There is only one small hurdle to face: assembling the stroller. 

Fortunately, the construction is anything but difficult. And much easier than building the “styled by you” collection, as some of the components are delivered pre-assembled in the box. Bugaboo itself has made two short videos available in which you can follow step by step how the Fox 2 is set up. The steps can be copied directly at home - and the assembly steps, which are already pre-assembled in the Mineral Collection, but are explained again in the video, can simply be skipped.

This film shows how the Fox 2 is built in the Core collection. With the Mineral Fox 2, for example, the hubcaps are already mounted on the wheels.

With the setup shown here with the carrycot in the core design, more hand movements are required than with the setup of the Fox 2 Mineral, here even the handles are pre-assembled.

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